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I compose bespoke music for films, TV, video games, animations, adverts and apps.

I started out by writing songs in many genres for the bands I have worked with over the last 20 years. This includes jazz, pop, rock, indie and dance tunes. Many of these tunes have appeared on international releases.

 More recently, I have been composing and producing orchestral music for short films, TV, animation, etc. My forte is writing atmospheric, dark and passionate scores which capture and compliment the emotion of the images; however, thanks to my varied musical career as a performer, I feel as comfortable writing jazz, pop, rock or dance tunes as I do composing edgy soundscapes or orchestral music.

A little more info.......

My compositions and string arrangements have appeared on releases by indie, pop, rock and jazz artists. I have written music for a professional multimedia theatre show and title music, bumpers and segue sections for a BBC arts/magazine TV programme as well as music for adverts. 

My most recent work includes a score for a short horror film, an internet advert, in house presentation for the National Trust, music and soundscape for a theatre piece about WW1, music for an audiobook and a theme tune, bumpers etc for an online sitcom. I am currently working on music for children's stage play, a TV documentary as well as finishing an album for a music library. 


  I have my own studio set up with Digital Performer, Logic, Vienna Symphonic Library, Native Instruments and many other virtual instruments. I also have and use a lot of real instruments, amps and microphones as well as using Universal Audio and Broadhurst Green outboards.

This is a project I worked on in 2018 with the very talented, young American director and animator, Deanna Crisbacher.

I wrote and recorded the soundscape and music to fit this very honest short film.

This music was composed for the very talented voice artist Ruth Urquhart to use on her promotional 'Gaming Reel'. We a share a broadcast quality studio which we call 'The Trumpet Factory' and I have written music for an audiobook she narrated.

The music and voice over for this VIVA animation was recorded and produced at my broadcast quality studio, 'The Trumpet Factory".

The music was written to fit the animation, the client provided direction as to the vibe they wanted and off I went.  The narration is by Ruth Urquhart.

This is a good example of what we can do from my studio. If anyone needs bespoke music and voice over for any project whether it be an animation, cartoon, documentary or film we can do it for you. 

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your project, I am sure we can provide the music and voice you need.

This is a video I scored for 'Singletrack' mountain bike magazine. 

They wanted music that captures the epic landscape and the perilous nature of the ride, so I came up with a John Carpenter meets Sibelius vibe that they really liked.

There are more music samples of pop, indie and jazz tunes at:-